You have started a new tow truck company. You must be very excited to actualise your dream. You’ve got your premises. You’ve got your trucks and you’ve got drivers. But there is one thing you need the most…customers. Paying customers. So how does a tow truck company get the customers they require to stay afloat? They need to promote themselves through marketing.

There are numerous towing companies in the U.K. So, the real question is: does your business stand out from your competitors? If not, you’ll find this guide to be useful. You will discover several effective marketing approaches for towing companies.

1. Create A Good Review Strategy

Generally, reviews are integral to the failure or success of any consumer-oriented business. Most consumers choose businesses depending on the reviews they find online. In case your company will generate new business, it would help to have great reviews on these websites.

Although having good reviews is generally easier said than done, it’s not necessarily hard. Gathering good reviews often comes down to ensuring that you:

– Highlight The Significance Of Good Reviews

You need everyone at your business to understand that reviews are fundamental to success. Furthermore, your customer-facing staff must emphasize the significance of reviews. Otherwise, customers won’t have the time to leave a review behind.

– Request Feedback From The Customer

There needs to be a ‘safety valve’ for your upset customers. In your normal procedure, someone at your company needs to get in touch with the client after the sale to ask them whether they’re satisfied. In case it’s an unhappy customer, it would be best to have that individual complain to your company directly. You wouldn’t want that client to go online only to give out a bad review, because this can destroy your company’s ratings.

– Encourage Your Happy Customers To Give Out an Online Review

Apart from having a procedure for encouraging satisfied customers to review you, you also need to ensure that it always happens when you get a customer. There are various tools that you could use to do this, but you could also simply use a phone. Reach out to all previous customers and ask them about how their experience was. And if they have positive things to say, encourage them to leave a positive review online.

– Consider Sending Thank You Notes To Your Clients

You should never underestimate the significance of a thank you note. If all customers received a note saying, ” we value your satisfaction; please email or call me directly in case you’ve encountered a bad experience,” then that is a good safety valve. This is also another method of reminding the client that your company truly cares, and hopefully asking them to leave you a good review online.

– Identify Customers Who Can Leave A Review

As part of the customer “onboarding” process, it would be best to establish people who can leave a positive review online. The simplest way of doing this is to inquire from every customer whether they reached out to you because of a review they saw online. People who say “yes” are much more likely to give you a review than those who answer”no” or “I cannot remember.” Once you identify a person that’s likely to leave an online review, you’ll need to follow up on them.

2. Brand Your Trucks

We all can visualise a branded truck easily primarily because it has a distinctive appearance. This is an effective marketing strategy since all trucks in a towing fleet are basically a billboard. So, you should ask yourself: can other road drivers identify your trucks without even requiring to see the logo? If that’s the case, then your brand will remain with them and they’ll most likely contact your company first whenever they need help.

If you want to successfully brand your trucks, cover the following key areas:

– Colour

As humans, colour is one of the simplest methods we learn to identify things. That’s why you need a unique colour or colour scheme that makes everyone instantly think of your company. For instance, if all your trucks are red, that’s an incredible way of ensuring that they get identified and associated with your brand.

– Logo Visibility

Your company name/ logo should be on your trucks, and it needs to be easy to read. Although it’s common for tow trucks to comprise the company logo or name on the side or grille, some company logos or names are not easy to read. Can a customer read your business’ name or see your logo from 50 feet away? If they can’t, then they’ll likely not see it if they pass one of your trucks on the roadside.

Additionally, one of the smartest methods of adding a logo to your truck is using a custom emblem and grille. And this is because the grille is usually the first thing customers see whenever your vehicles are out and about. We provide large custom emblems/ grilles that look appealing and can generally project your brand. Furthermore, we also provide integrated emergency lighting to ensure that your custom logo and grille are functional.

3. Consider Shrinking The Phone Number On The Trucks

Although this advice might seem counterintuitive, it works! Most towing companies will have their name in smaller letters to leave room for a large phone number. Although this has been used to generate calls for many years, it has never helped with branding. Phone numbers have become less important with the booming Internet. Because most consumers own smartphones, it’s relatively easy for any consumer to search for a towing company online. Furthermore,

· Most customers are using smartphones to access websites and even order services without speaking with anyone.
· Most consumers check out a website to evaluate how credible your brand is. In case your site doesn’t project the appropriate image, they won’t call.
· Advertising your phone number, instead of your website, may discourage consumers who want a web-based process.

Therefore, consider emphasising your business logo, name, and website address rather than your phone number. The more consumers see your business logo or name, the more likely they’re to remember it and search it online later. In case the large phone number makes it difficult for consumers to see your business’ logo or name, it could be hurting your brand in the long term.